To celebrate the re-launch and the Spring Summer 2020 collection of Indah Designs, we want to introduce you to the talented creative and wonder woman behind the brand, Brigita Millard.

Brigita is the founder and head designer of Indah Designs and launched the Newcastle-based childrens and womens clothing label over five years ago in 2015. 
The mother-of-two (almost three!) is dedicated to creating quality, timeless and honest clothing for women and children by producing ethical and mindfully designed pieces that can be worn for the years to come and passed down through generations. 

While every single collection is made with a whole lot of love, this new collection and re-launch is a special milestone for the brand. This collection is the beginning of an even more ethical journey for Indah Designs with a focus on sustainability and waste reduction, and the re-introduction of womenswear — and yes, now you can match with your mini!

Here, Brigita tells us what we can expect from her latest collection, why ethical manufacturing is so important to her and the brand, and how she juggles two businesses and family of four (soon to be five!).

"It’s always so hard to pick a favourite! I think our ‘Robbie’ edit this time takes the prize as it's been such a labour of love"

Brigita Millard owner and designer of Indah Designs

Tell us a little about Indah Designs’ brand philosophy and what we can expect from Indah Designs re-launch. 

Indah Designs is an Australian-based clothing label that has a big emphasis on timeless, quality pieces that can be re-worn time and time again and passed on for generations to come.

We have recently been working extra hard to become a more sustainable and ethical brand by minimising our impact on the environment with changes being rolled out gradually this year.

This year, we are super excited to re-introduce some designs for women as over the past few years we have been a more dominate childrenswear label. The re-launch will include our first-ever mini and me matching pieces — stay tuned!


You have chosen to be more ethical with Indah Designs re-launch — can you share a little more about your ethical journey?

This has been extremely important journey for us — in a world of so much waste in the fashion industry we are really trying to limit our impact. We only ever order in small quantities and will do some collections that are pre-order only — therefore limiting wastage in garment fabrics.

We have also moved to a more sustainable-run factory that is a small family business with excellent working conditions.

You will also notice less packaging in our orders as we try to illuminate waste with the plan for all of packaging to be 100% compostable by end of the year.

What are some of your favourite pieces from your new collection?

It’s always so hard to pick a favourite! I think our ‘Robbie’ edit this time takes the prize as it's been such a labour of love — we starting sampling this design back when Lakey (my daughter) was born and she was two in May in this year so that shows just how much time and effort goes into making sure we are producing only the highest of quality garments and designs.


"I find joy in…. Being with my family"

You will soon be welcoming your third child in October — what does your work/family juggle look like? And how much of an inspiration are your kids to your designs?

Juggle is a great way to sum it up. At times I feel like I’m running a circus with so many different moving parts. I take pride in being a fairly organised person and my girls are in school care two days a week so I try to just jam-pack as much productive work into those days as I can, but I’ll also fit in designing, emailing, packing orders etc. while they are sleeping or having quiet time.

I’ve become really good at prioritising what tasks need to be done when and learning to ‘switch off’ as best I can. I always make time for my partner and kids and have recently just taken emails off my phone so I’m only working on my laptop — and my kids are pretty good at knowing that when mummy’s on the laptop that she’s working.

Besides being my little models, their personalities give me so much inspiration in designs — for example, my eldest daughter currently only wants to wear dresses so you will most likely notice more dresses and a few brighter colours in coming collections as that reflects them.

I’m so excited to have a boy and to get some great insight into designing for boys — can’t wait to bring that inspiration to life.

Brigita Millard working in office of Indah Designs

Finish these sentences…

I find joy in…. Being with my family

Being a parent is… The hardest, challenging and most rewarding job all in one. The best comparison I can liken it to is being on a roller-coaster — you have fun, you’re scared and you get stomach flips thinking about how fast time goes. It’s hard to sum up just how much you love your little humans and just when you think you have had enough or can’t go on again you somehow just keep having the urge for more.

Three things you couldn’t live without… Morning family snuggles in bed, quality time with friends, and the ocean.


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