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Our Growing Family

Our beautiful little family is growing with baby Groves number two due any day now, I've hit that excited/nervous stage of the unknowing and unpredictable which makes me so excited and terrified all at the same time. 

Before our newest member arrives we were so lucky to our dear friend Alex Warden capture some special family moments for us. 

Although I was rather hesitant at first when Alex asked to capture our family, no body was more so stand offish then my partner Nathan who bless is soul agreed to get up at sunrise to take part,  still rather dusty from the night out before. (Hopeless) although I think the extra buzz from the night out took the edge off. 

Alex who has shot all our Little Indahs campaigns is just the most amazing photographer to shoot with, the last thing Nath and I wanted were those cheesy maternity photos, beautiful as some are there just not us so we were SO happy with the moments she captured of us really being us, chasing after Riv, Riv running around like crazy it really was the perfect morning watching the most amazing sunrise, images we will treasure forever. X

River wears our Abbey Linen Blouse and Koko Bloomers in Sand throughout photoshoot. 



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