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Traveling To Bali With Kids (kid) Part One

We just had a recent family holiday to Bali and it was the first time I had visited the Island with River, or any kid for that matter.
In my past life I was a flight attendant and would visit Bali minimum once a week, I often get asked how many times I've been to Bali and I'm lucky enough to say its upwards of a hundreds times. I could give you pages and pages of great bars and amazing restaurant to wine and dine at but we all know when you travel with kids those days are all but a distant memory.
So for all our lovely followers who have kids, having kids, want kids or are just interested I have gathered a list of a couple of helpful hints of traveling to Bali with kids.
Snacks, snacks, activities, and more snacks. Unless your lucky to be traveling first class every man and his dog knows plane food is eatable at best so you can never be to prepared with snacks. Airport security has soften the 100ML LAGS restriction when it comes to baby food so I advise you check with your local departure airport first as some may be different. 
Activities, not every airline offers TV's in the back of the seats and most kids aren't going to sit still and watch movie after movie for six hours; also pack colouring in activities, books, cards anything that you think will help keep them entertained. 
A change of clothes is a must, always pack a jumper and small blanket planes get cold and again not every airline supplies blankets, and don't forget your usual nappies, wipes etc. 
Baby carrier of choice, perfect to keep them strapped to you through airport security lines. TIP Australian airports will make you take your baby out of the carrier to pass through security (especially annoying if they are sleeping) so just a little heads up, Bali is a lot more relaxed, a lot.
We also brought a pram off eBay that folds up into the size of a large handbag that you can take onboard as part of your carry on luggage, this was especially helpful once we got to Bali as the immigration line was out the door and when leaving Bali on the red eye flight we were able to put River asleep in the pram before we got on the plane and just transferred her to her seat once onboard. Best $90 we ever spent.
Most importantly reward yourself with a cold Bingtang (or beverage of choice) at the end, you deserve it and your on holidays so why not. 
We are super lucky that we have beautiful friends who live in Bali and were happy to let us stay with them for the duration of our holiday. 
If you don't have this luxury I'd recommend searching airbnb for beautiful Villas to hire for your stay, (I love the Canggu/Berawa area)
I personally love staying in Villas as it gives you more space and the freedom to have your own kitchen so you can prepare food for bub etc. 
We cooked at home one night or you can gojek food to be delivered to your villa. (Its honestly cheaper and less hassle to just order takeaway in Bali and the food is so devious and fresh if you go to the right places) If you don't have the gojek app download it now; it is a life saver for times when bub might be sleeping and your starving or your lovely partner has gone for a "20 minute surf" only to return 4 hours later and you have nearly wasted away to nothing.
TIP we also hired a porta cot and high chair for the villa and it was delivered and set up ready for when we arrived. We hired ours through Bali Baby Hire.
You can't put a price on your child's safety, we organised a pool fence as soon as we booked our flights. Pool fences are not a requirement in Indonesia and hardly any Villas will have a pool fence. I can't recommend hiring a pool fence highly enough it made our holiday a lot more relaxing knowing that there was a barrier between the pool and River. 
They don't have to look ugly we hired a lovely bamboo fence from Bali Baby Hire.  
Finally another little tip, invest in a good mozzie anklet. You can see Rivers here on her left foot (no its not a tracking device, although that wouldn't be such a bad idea sometimes the way this kid can disappear in 0.1 seconds). Depending on what time of year or where you are staying mozzie's can be a big problem. River had hers on the whole time and never got bitten and it didn't bother her at all. I got her's from our local chemist for approximately $28, purchase one before you leave for Bali I haven't seen them sold anywhere in Bali yet. 
I hope I have given you all a couple of helpful tips, if you have any other questions please always feel free to get in touch.
I'll do another blog post soon with great places to eat and drink in Bali with kids.  
Brigita. XX

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