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With Mothers Day fast approaching we caught up with one of our dearest friends Hannah to ask her a couple of questions about becoming a first time Mum. You will recognize Hannah's beautiful little boy Seth from many of our Little Indahs photoshoots. I'm very lucky to be on this crazy motherhood ride with Hannah and so thankful our paths crossed and we can watch our kids grow together.

Tell us how your life changed after becoming a Mum?

My life changed in a beautiful way. This surprised me, as initially I felt overwhelmed by the thought of becoming a mum and felt very un-ready. I wasn't the maternal type at all and the thought of giving away my independence totally scared me! Becoming a mum made my life become less regimented and I became more present in my day to day life. As being a stay home mum gave me that opportunity to do so. I enjoyed life in a whole new way. Not working as a full time teacher to becoming a stay home mum was a real beautiful process for me. It brought prospective to my life of what's important and what's not. I loved that I could go for morning walks, meet up with other mum's for coffee and live a much more slow paced life. I wasn't always stressed and meeting deadlines like I was as a teacher. I tried hard to really take in every moment with my son Seth and to be mindful not to be too busy as I didn't want to miss precious milestones in his life.

Best part about life with Seth?

Hands down the best part is the deep love and joy you experience in the moment you become a mum. You feel speechless. Your heart feels so full that it could explode! Another great part to having Seth, is the gorgeous mum's I have met along the way. I have never once felt lonely in this journey of motherhood as I have been immensely blessed to of met some of the finest women on earth. Whether it has been through mutual friends or down at my local cafe, or from my Antenatal class, becoming a mum has introduced me to many beautiful mum's which has made me feel richer in it's true sense. It's important to find people who are going through a similar season of life to you, as it encourages you, energises you and reassures you that you're not alone in the journey.

What advice would you give to new Mumma's out there?

Always try to encourage and speak life to other mum's. Being a first time mum is the most daunting process and everyone is trying to figure out the best way to do things. The person you are is the type of people you will attract. If you are an encourager, you will attract other encouraging mum's to do life with. If you are negative and always slandering other mum's, don't be surprised if you look around and your other mum friends are also negative. And one more thing - soak up every moment with your little one. Try to put your phone away during periods of the day so that you are totally attentive and taking in each moment with your special gift.

Love Hannah X



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