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DIY raffia lampshade

A labour of love this lampshade was, and to be honest I thought I may be in labour before I got it finished but here she is and once I got a few tricks on how to do this raffia lampshade I really enjoyed creating it. 
I can't take the credit for coming up with this project I got the idea from
Sunday Lane and you can see their step by step blog here.  
I brought a hot glue gun, one packet of glue gun refills, and three rolls of raffia (only used two) from spotlight.
To get to this stage roughly took me 4 hours, spread out over a few nights. 
The raffia comes in strips but not all the same length so my little trick once I got the hang of it was to cut roughly 30 pieces of raffia to size; that way could get quicker at gluing and wrapping. (disclaimer; if you don't have patientences this may not be the activity for you.)
Once you have finished gluing and wrapping you will need the trim the inside of your lampshade. (see second image above for reference).


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